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We don’t want to force you fit in a frame, so if you need to add more to the standard service, just let us know.

How does our Additional Services program work?

No two properties are absolutely the same. We understand that and we know sometimes you will need more than the standard services offered. With Final Cleaning you can book a number of additional services from defrosting a freezer to extra toilet and many more. Here’s the full list of additional services we offer.

  1. Extra toilet
  2. Extra bathroom          
  3. Extra blinds    
  4. Double windows        
  5. Extra fridge    
  6. Extra oven     
  7. Defrosting freezer      
  8. Conservatory
  9. Utility room
  10. Windows outside       
  11. Extra balcony 
  12. Extra staircase


Please make sure you book your additional cleaning service if you need it to avoid disappointment. If you are unsure, please call or email us for confirmation.



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